Configuring NinjaTrader 8.1 for TradeFundrr

Modified on Thu, 18 Jan 2024 at 01:59 PM

NinjaTrader announced major changes to the platform in early March 2023.

To use the new platform you need a NinjaTrader login, this means you need to be connected to the internet to use the platform.

If you require the ability to work offline, please stay on version

To create a NinjaTrader account go here:

After creating the account please log in to the website. You will see this dashboard :

Click “Additional options” and these options show up

Click “Import License Key” to import the license key provided by TradeFundrr: @TRA-EFUN-DRR1-GR8T-44TG-DRE3-BKW5-BQ59

If you already have a lifetime license you can use that instead.

Copy and paste the license key and click Import:

A popup message will confirm the key was successfully imported :

You are now ready to configure NinjaTrader 8.1 for TradeFundrr.

Process for people with a NinjaTrader demo account or live account.

If you have signed up for a NinjaTrader demo or have a live account then your dashboard will look like this:

Click on your User Account in the top right corner and select Settings:

Then click Plans and Import a license key

Enter the TradeFundrr key if required: @TRA-EFUN-DRR1-GR8T-44TG-DRE3-BKW5-BQ59

You will get a popup saying the import was successful

You are now ready to configure NinjaTrader 8.1 for TradeFundrr.

Log in to NinjaTrader. Remember this is the NinjaTrader login, this is not related to TradeFundrr:

in Ninja Control center , go to Tools-> Options

In General, select “Multi Provider” and restart NinjaTrader

Restart NinjaTrader , click Connections -> Configure

Click “Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage” then click “Add”

Enter your Trader ID and password provided by TradeFundrr in your welcome email:

Select TradeFundrr in the System drop-down menu :

You are now ready to connect to TradeFundrr. Just select your connection in the “Connections” menu :

The indicator in the bottom right corner of the Control Center will indicate the status of your connection. Wait for it to turn green indicating you are now connected to Rithmic.

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